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About Panorama
Paul Gofferjé , the panoramaman himself.

Since 1990, Paul is using a principle in photography known as the 360 degrees roundshot, in order to recreate the perception of our world.
In a single moment, the camera is probing its environment in a 360 degrees sphere swing movement, similar to someone twisting around its axis.

The result of this 360 degrees swing movement is an elongated shot, in which beginning and end are visible.
Albeit recognizing the major parts in the picture, the recording as a whole turns into a very unusual experience.
It makes sense and it makes not. Recognition and denial.

This mystery is conjured again and again by the panoramaman.
In a motion-picture like movement, time is frozen, and with that, we are witnessing a small pano-drama.

The technique has been based on a 5" film (technical camera) and a 6X6 roll-film.
High quality is paramount.